Friday, December 26, 2014

The Impossible Battle

I have not written in a while, again.  I would apologize for this however I have not known what it is I would write about.  I finally have something.  My experience is not unique in some ways, many ways.  However in many it also is.  This is to be expected however as we all are different, we all see things in our own ways and are effected by things in our own ways.  For me, this trio of giants I must defeat, mountains I must climb, whatever expression you may use; is finally becoming clear to me.

What do you vision your battle to be?  What do you see yourself as having to do to accomplish your battle?  For me, and most likely for many, I saw my battle with pornography as a mountain I must climb.  I have also seen it as a monster I am locked in battle with and must destroy.  This is not correct.  Me and my father have been reading a book called "Sitting in a Rowboat and Throwing Marbles at a Ship" by Andrew Pippanne.  All of those in addiction should at least look at this book as it describes it like no one else will and goes through his recovery process in a very honest way.  Going back to my battle, it is not a monster or a mountain.  It is three Monsters.  They are tower over me impossibly high and each carries a deadly array of weapons.  They are faster than I can predict, and finally they fight together.  One leading in while the others attack my exposed back.  This is my reality and my fight.  It is impossible.  I am accepting this fact, I must accept this fight.  I cannot win this, I cannot prevail against the impossible no matter how my rage grows or desperately I fight.  For those against pornography, this is reality for us all.  With other addictions, I can not say whether or not this is the case, I do not carry those burdens.  But as for pornography this is our reality.  I know there are some that have beaten their monsters themselves, but they are few and far in between and people whom I can't even begin to understand.

For those who look at that and say "that's not how it is, if you keep pushing you'll win!!" or "You're strong Brennan you can do this!"  Or my absolute favorite "Why don't you just stop?  It's that easy."  There is one word that describes these statements.  Bullshit.  This is not the case, and let me explain what it is I face so you can understand that this is not the case and why hearing it only frustrates me and I'm sure other people that face this burden.

Like I explained earlier I carry three burdens, you could argue four, that pertain to one origin.  The first is the pornography addiction.  The second is depression.  Third is my emotionless being.  Fourth arguably is my rage/desire to destroy.  Most of you would look at this and say well, pornography is definitely the one that you need to worry about and the rage.  You are correct, those are the ones I need to be most careful of in terms of what will affect me or others the most visibly.  However what about depression?  The type I struggle with isn't blues, I lose ability to function on my worst days.  I don't have the energy to get up or eat, I don't have the will to even look outside, and in some cases I want to end it and leave this hell I face.  I'd have to say this isn't a small issue I can ignore.

Now what of my emotionless being?  What this means is I do not care or feel for anything or anyone.  My family, my friends, my own life.  I feel no love, no sadness, no happiness, only a yearning to feel those things because I remember a time when I felt like a normal person.  I could cry, I could laugh without faking it, I could hug my mother and feel love for her instead of a cold logical thought process of these people I will protect and give everything I can too.  It's a way to compensate for my inability to feel something for them.  I am the same way with my friends, I will do anything for those that I call friend.  I don't feel anything honestly but I try to compensate for that.  Can you even imagine what kind of hell it is to look around you and see love and happiness and not have the ability to feel the same?  Or to see your friends falling in love and watching knowing you cannot feel that?  It is depressing.  It is frustrating, it makes me want to let loose my rage so that I can feel something, let something out.  Again, I'd have to say this is serious, something I cannot ignore.  This is why I watch anime, why I game, why I escape.  Because I am tired of watching something I can't have and feeling the spot it used to be only being a cave in my chest.  Granted like I said in a previous post, the anime I watch does trigger feelings for a short time which is healing for me.

I don't need to go into why my rage and desire to hurt and destroy is bad, why I cannot ignore it.

So again people would say "well, stop fighting the whole thing, focus on one thing at a time."  Well I wish I could, but like I described they bounce off each other.  Feeding the other power and strength.  For an example, I decide I'm fighting the pornography so I am good for a period of time.  Well, what's the reason that addicts have so hard of time fighting?  Because initial sobriety sucks.  I can't even describe how bad it can get.  Every action and thought is towards one thing, use.  So, as my sobriety increases, so does my inner storm and chaos.  My rage and desire to hurt grows exponentially, and so, to counteract that I have to shut down myself even more to fight it which closes off any tiny emotions that may have unlocked by my sobriety and makes me even more cold and much harder of a person.  Well because my emotions are even more locked down and I don't even feel rage, my depression begins to set in.  It isn't "Oh I'm sad, I hate life, life sucks," etc.  My energy drops with my desire to do anything.  This goes until a certain time passes and then my rage begins to grow and I start loosing my control over it increasing my energy levels and inner chaos making me want to use even more simply to shut it down.  This is just one example, they bounce off each other in many different ways, and each is not a battle I can win.

Like I said in the beginning, I cannot win this fight.

With that being said, just because I cannot win doesn't mean that someone else wont.  I cannot deny Christ and Father being there.  I fought them a long time because after my possession I did not trust them, I still have troubles, but they are the only way I can turn.  The only way I can go.  I am not saying I'm a full religious freak obeying everything and stuff.  I still have my own beliefs, however I am looking towards organized religions and seeing what one has what I want in life, which at this point happens to be the LDS or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because they teach family's forever and they preach pure emotion.  I cannot even describe how much I want to feel pure love or pure happiness.  Something I cannot ever remember feeling.  Looking at their basic teachings, they are also good, be the best person you can be.  Who can argue that is a bad thing.

I'm not here to preach, but what I am saying is that turning to a higher power is my only chance in this fight of mine.  When I am meditating consistently, connecting with god as I know he is and how I best do, and am doing everything else I can do to make sure I'm not in a situation that will give me only one option being to fail I have more success than with anything else I have tried.  My therapist says this in a very good way and I will share it.  It doesn't matter if you talk to god or the higher power through a tree or meditation and prayer, it only matters that you do it.  I have accepted most of the time anyway, that I cannot win this battle.  I simply cannot defeat the impossible which is why I have given it away, or am trying.  This doesn't mean that I don't feel all the problems I am facing and it's gone, it is very much still there.  However the burden is lighter, the pain is lessened.  Maybe I am simply going further along the path of emotionless thinking, but I do know that it helps in my depression and pornography and even my rage problems.

My message with this is simple, the battle I face is impossible for me to fight, it simply is something I cannot win.  So I wont fight it, I am simply giving it to someone that can.  I am tired, I am beat, I have given everything to this fight, I cannot win and never will.  Honestly, I am glad to give it up, maybe I can finally progress somewhere and start my journey to be where I want to be.  


  1. No, this isn't further along the path of emotionless thinking!!! This is Christ taking this burden! I remember the day I realized I couldn't carry this for you. I couldn't do anything. I was powerless to do anything about your addiction, that it had to come from you. Before then, I was a codependent. Big time! I still remember very much the day when I realized I wasn't carrying this anymore. I was doing the dishes and I thought to myself, "Am I in denial?? It's all gone!" And then I realized, I wasn't in denial! The Savior had taken it like I'd asked Him to.

    The key here is to not take it back again. A lot of times I find myself doing that and then have to go, no way!!! Take it back!!! And I ask the Savior to again take it, and He does! Because He's already paid and suffered for this. You don't have to! He already has!

    I have been praying so hard for this day Brennan. This day when you have finally had enough. When you are ready to let it go. Now, let the Lord help you on your journey. And through your journey, you will help others, as you are already doing. I love you so very much Brennan! Always have, always will. Always.


  2. I am so happy for you, Brennan. I remember the day when I finally made it to your point. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Not because my life was going well or my choices were fabulous or the addictions were gone, but because I realized it was impossible to do on my own. In no way does this lesson the fight you will continue to struggle with. But, Heavenly Father loves you so much and the Savior gave His life for you so you don't have to struggle alone.

    We are all struggling together. These mountains you face will not conquer you. Not when you have the Savior on your side. Listen to your mom. She is inspired!

    I love you, Brennan. I feel your pain and anguish. Your courage to continue is an inspiration to us all. I appreciate the fact that you have acknowledged that pornography is not the only struggle you are having. These things are so much more.

    Like your mommy, I love you. Always have, always will. Always!!!!

    Auntie Ethel

  3. This is big, Brennan. Now that you are here, hold fast…God's got your back and the end of our rope is right where he begins to do his best work. You are brave and amazing.

  4. I apologize but this isn't what you all are making it to be, yes I am trying to hand it to god, realizing that he needs to fight and I cannot. However this isn't a happy thing for me, it is actually extremely difficult and painful. As my nature is to remain in control and to be directing without help, this isn't a thing of "Please I'm so burnt out take if from me, fight my battle" This is more like"Father, i'm done. this is your problem now I'm done." Mentality. This may not be right but it is what it is for me, and obviously I still take on the battle and will always struggle with that. I appreciate your comments and this is still a good step however I wanted to clarify this isn't paradise now, it's hard and it's painful to give this fight to someone I feel no love for and have troubles trusting

  5. Your need to be in control is exactly why you've turned this over to God. Addictions isn't control. It is lack of control so by showing you want to be in control, you are handing this over to God. Does that make sense? And no. This isn't over. It never will be. Paradise will be when you finally feel at peace. You haven't gotten there yet. Paradise is knowing that even when you slip, you feel at peace because you know that God doesn't love you any less even when we are making mistakes. While you are in the 'act', finally coming to the realization that God even at that very moment!!!! Still loves you. His love never lessens for us. We think it does. We put guilt and shame on ourselves. God doesn't. That is Satan.

    This isn't giving up or giving your control to anyone else. This is giving the addiction, that thing that is controlling your life and has for years, this is taking control. God doesn't control. He doesn't do, until you ask.